Sean Hannity Sept26, 2018: Kavanaugh has been in public spotlight for decades

Hannity Opening Monologue: The left rushes to judgement after allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh has one of the most extensive track records of any federal judge." 

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Viewer reactions:

Trisha Smith Gundelach That's why the democrats are scared to death!

Robert Belger Force the government to release the names of ALL Senators and members of Congress who used a taxpayer based "hush fund" to pay victims of their "sexual assaut and misconduct".

Nena Case Ask Diane to release the list of politicians who have used the 'slush' fund to pay off accusers to silence them!! Why is it important now that this 'one' accuser be heard and not all of them?? Any member of Congress who used it should be removed as according to her accusers should be heard and believed!

Daniel La Piedra Stone How would anyone feel if their sons and grandsons are guilty before proven innocent and marked as predators by association without any evidence

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