Sean Hannity Sept 25 2018 Full Interview Newt Gingrich Today

Gingrich: Kavanaugh controversy is about ‘raw power’

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On 'Hannity,' Fox News contributor says the Democratic Party is desperate to stop the Supreme Court from being conservative.

Viewer reactions:

If you people can’t see that this Lie against Judge Kavanaugh is no more than a farce perpetrated by Dumbbells leftists that want to keep a conservative Judge off the bench

Diane Feinstein is the liar and should retire from the Senate. She's 85 years ago. Brett Kavanaugh should become a Supreme Court Judge. The other is a liar. The Demoncrats are scared of this. They will end up in military trials.

This cannot stand . a claim from a drunken beer fest 36 years ago leveled against a good guy, who lives his whole life to become a judge and at the 11th hour dianne feinstein drops a letter not intended to be public . Democrats will ignore laws , ignore a citizens request to remain anonymous. betrayal .


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