Sean Hannity October 31, 2018 : President Trump DESTROYS CNN

Sean Hannity 10-31-18 – Hannity Fox News October 31, 2018

Sean Hannity October 31 2018

President Trump takes 'far-left media' to task on coverage of Pittsburgh tragedy.

Trump hosts 'MAGA' rally in Fort Myers, Florida

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Viewer reactions:

Robert Bucci The Democrats do not agree with or stand with doing anything legal or by the book. Democrats stand for greed power and oppression.

Dorothy McKenzie I know if I went through all the work to come legally and someone came illegally I’d be furious.

Jerry Seaman I brought my wife over from the Philippines. It took 2 1/2 years. I had to prove that I could support her (I was only making $5,000 per week) lol She came on an airplane so there was no chance of her bringing a weapon.

Kate Swigonski I would imagine only those who had deadly crimes perpetrated against themselves or loved ones by an illegal would care more.

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