Sean Hannity October 25, 2018

As the caravan marches toward the U.S. border, FOX Nation's Tomi Lahren hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask people whether the migrants should be welcomed with open arms.

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Beverly Saltsman
Just so someone does the math ; it’s 3,043 miles to El Salvador as the crow flies so add another 100 or more miles . Very healthy people that are trained can walk 20 -25 Miles a day at best so minus a few miles for those children and not so healthy then at 20 miles a day it would take a walkers around a 152 days to walk to the Southern boarder !!! Now common sense says this is not happening that way ! They’re not dusty and dirty or bedraggled or not feed or without water etc .. .. .. they’ve been transported a lot of the way which would take around 1,400 buses to transport 7,000 people give or take ! The US only has around 1,600 greyhound buses so now what other transportation is involved !!! THIS is nothing but an invasion that some entity is funding !! Think with a brain and not your emotions !! If you think insurance is expensive now just wait.

Filma Warren Beverly Saltsman They have been leaving from Fort Bragg for the past few days…I think someone said the 82nd air borne is being deployed on the boarder along with a Tank battalion .

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