Sean Hannity October 11 2018 Pam Bondi Interview Today

Sean Hannity – Breaking Fox News Today – October 11, 2018

The left threatens civility in the U.S. with mob tactics; Pam Bondi, Sebastian Gorka and Dan Bongino weigh in on 'Hannity.'

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The Democrat Party has become a national security threat to the $ocio-economic survival of the United States. If violent, neo-fascist leftist Democrats become the majority in Congress again, the United States will be completely and totally destroyed.

This type of behavior is actionable…have them arrested. Here is the definition of criminal harassment: "Whoever willfully and maliciously engages in a knowing pattern of conduct …directed at a specific person, which seriously alarms that person and would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, shall be guilty of the crime of criminal harassment." I promise you that if they did this to me, I would have them arrested the first time…no warnings.

ONLY 26 DAYS until mid-term elections Nov 6th, 2018! Vote REPUBLICAN Nov 6 2018, call family friends neighbors relatives, drive them to polls, help them w mail in ballots. Democrats threaten America, favor illegal aliens over citizens, globalism over Americanism, guilty until proven innocent w/o evidence. Vote Red-Keep America Great by Voting Republican! I love Kanye West, he made more sense in 8 minutes than CNN MSNBC has in 8 years.

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