Sean Hannity October 10, 2018: Full Interview Newt Gingrich Today

Sean Hannity  October 10 2018 

 Newt Gingrich joins 'Hannity' to discuss the left's mob tactics and the midterm elections

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Viewer reactions:

The left keeps gaining ground in destroying the system because the right continues to be the “nice guys” while old ppl are getting roughed up by “protesters”. Absolutely sickening to see the police just letting this happen. 

Maxine Waters wants mob rule, and Hillary just dog whistled that mob rule, ‘being uncivil’, is justified because Democrats are losing. The “M” word is very much a problem for the Alinsky Democrats. 

But America is center right not a blue state bubble. People want the government limited, the economy booming, and the freedom to live their lives without political harassment. The silent majority will not tolerate left wing hysteria.

Mob ,Gang or pre planned terrorism . You make the call ! When the media gets it undies in a bundle you know you hit them with the truth ! 13% state income tax you gotta be kidding . They already have a nearly 10% sales tax , a quarter of your earnings are confiscated . Not to mention fees on everything a person would want to do and you wonder why people are homeless !



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