Sean Hannity November 21 2018 Fox News Live Today

Sean Hannity November 21, 2018

Former Brexit leader Nigel Farage reacts to Trump's handling of Saudi Arabia since the Khashoggi murder

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David Pecoraro Mohammad Farraj , the company you work for has to offer a pension in order to get a pension and it's up to you to plan for your retirement. You're not going to survive with just Social Security. I m not sure what you're expecting. No matter what the cap on Social Security is $2,788 monthly with 35 years depending what tax bracket you were in. The longer you wait to collect the larger your monthly check. There's no way I want the Government to have control over my healthcare. This isn't Communism

Debbie Thomas I’m sorry Sir. But in this instance you are wrong! That happens sometimes! But with the 9th Circuit it happens all the time! They vote politically all the time and when it comes to a higher court they are over ruled!

Wanda Navoyosky You are wrong, Justice Roberts. Some judges are just liberal political hacks who make decisions based on political opinions not the law. Surely you know that.

Julynn Bernard Owens With all due respect, Judge Roberts, you have been a true disappointment to many including myself. This is yet another example.

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