Sean Hannity Nov 162018- Sarah Sanders: Freedom of press isn’t freedom to be rude

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders sits down with her father, Mike Huckabe. Sanders reacts to judge ruling in favor of restoring CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's White House pass, previews President Trump's visit to California wildfires.

Tucker: Left continues to dismiss the caravan threat

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Dorothy Ellis Anybody else on here ready to vote for President Trump in 2020?

Carol Ann Our President Trump is one strong man ! He knows Wallace hates him and what we stand for… 🇺🇸God Bless President Trump

Joel Sandlin I wouldn't sit down with Wallace, he hates Trump. Totally biased. Not a good interviewer, he tries to score points for himself, just like his father.

Matthis Toles My friend told me the Democrats started the KKK, so I went to the KKK and said "I'm a Democrat I want to join", they said, "You can't join because you're black and we support Trump". I asked my friend why they wouldn't let me join and he said, "Duh, because Democrats are racist".


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