Sean Hannity Nov 13, 2018: Marco Rubio and Pam Bondi Interview

Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi join ‘Hannity’ TONIGHT

Election lawyers are not coming to Florida to make sure every vote is counted. The reason why election lawyers get involved is to make sure as many votes as possible for their client is counted, and as many votes as possible for their opponent is disqualified

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Spicer on White House shakeups, CNN's feud with Trump

First lady Melania Trump's office calls for the firing of a deputy to National Security Adviser John Bolton, while CNN sues the Trump administration over Jim Acosta's press pass; reaction from former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

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Viewer reactions:

Maureen Treece Florida is outraged. Fight the crooked Democrats.

Grace Alayon Pam Bondi should have taken action sooner, but she backed Putman not Desantis for governor… Maybe this had something to do with it….

Roy Seymour New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida gop candidates declared winners night of election. Votes found days after election all favored democrats. Democrats blue wave is really CRIME WAVE

Michael Johnson They've already seen that a number of voting machines in Florida were "miss calibrated," meaning that they were reporting an inaccurate count, and it just so happens that the inaccurate count was trending in the favor of the Republican candidates ……. No wonder these guys are protesting so much about a recount. Who knew that these machines had to be "calibrated" anyway …… I thought they just counted the votes, added them up, and reported the numbers. What kind of calibration does that take

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