Sean Hannity May 30 2019 : Devin Nunes Destroys Muller

Sean Hannity Fox News May 30, 2019

Sean Hannity May 30 2019

How excited will voters be to see the next year and a half blown on an impeachment trial that will not succeed, waste time and money, and achieve nothing

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Actually, I'm pretty excited! The democratic socialists don't have a single candidate who is worth a plugged nickel. And then there's the fact that our country is growing again, and regaining it's place in the world. All this winning guarantees another 4 years for one of the greatest presidents to ever serve this country!

In God We Trust 
God bless America 
God bless President Trumph more strong enough to make America great again,make America Army great again to share peaceful to the Worlds

This man has done absolutely nothing to be impeached for.. this man has done more for "us" than any other.
Many prayers for President Trump and VP Pence

Yeah, and imagine how disappointed all those gullible Fox viewers are going to be when Fox News is forced to cover live hearing where all of Trump's associates admit in public to having violated election laws, and to having actively conspired with the Russians to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election, and then lied about it all to investigators, which is COLLUSION. But what's really going to be hard for them to take is when White House staff members, one after another, testify as to how Donald Trump tried over and over again to get them to go along with his plans for interfering in the Mueller investigation, which is OBSTRUCTION. What a shock it's all going to be, after Fox News, and Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, and so many others have failed for nearly three years to report on any of these crimes…..

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