Sean Hannity 6-6-19 – Hannity Fox News June 6, 2019

Sean Hannity June 6 2019

First, I'd like to see Democrats focused on the needs of working people. I think there's too much talk about impeachment.

On "Hannity," New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio said Democrats should focus on "how they're going to fight for working people" instead of trying to impeach President Trump.

Acting ICE director Mark Morgan on report that Russia, China and Iran are using students to steal U.S. military secrets

Media praises President Trump's Normandy speech; reaction from Trump campaign senior adviser Lara Trump

New report claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi split with Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.

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Most of today's generation will never know what it's like to go from boyhood to manhood or from a girl to a lady. They will just simply get older, What a waist!!!

Well said,we have been blessed by so many men and women that have come before us.We should be ashamed of the way we are squandering the gifts that we have been given.Let this day be a wake up call for every American contemplating SOCIALISM!This generation gave the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life.God Bless them.

I really think we should bring back the draft. Teach people what it means to love your country that much.


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