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Dean Capron we have everything we need within our own borders , if we stop trade all together we would be just fine and then maybe we could start acting like a village instead of a divided nation …. eventually the almighty dollar wouldn't mean as much if we all help each other and people could afford all the things they need and most could afford most of the extras they want

Mary J Thompson Another move to move our country forward…nobama Clinton Soros. Can just stand by and watch as their socialist world order crumbles before their eyes……thank you Prez Trump..

Barry Kar We need to build only 8 more oil refineries and that would solve ALL our oil and energy problems… No imported oil.. Then we also start using more Natural GAS… it's a very clean burning fuell and it works…Virtually all our county vehicles and busses here in Vegas use Natural gas..

Joanne Jenkinson Gladson Gonna make our own steel again. Good American made steel. Means better made cars, appliances, planes that don’t fall apart in the air, better made buildings……MAGA!

Donna Stinson Carlson-Bixby Not if the Progressive Democrats get in power again….They want Globalism….Everyone gets to share in the wealth of the World….of course under One World Gov. there is no freedoms…or protest groups, for they are eliminated by death.

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