Sean Hannity Fox News Mar 7, 2018

Sean Hannity – Hannity Show Mar 7, 2018 – Trump Breaking News

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Bill Sprayberry Who cares, haven't watched a game in two seasons and going to make it 3 this season. Hope every franchise goes bankrupt and the national felon league shuts down.

Terri Mae Vernon It's perfectly fine if they all kneel forever as far as this house is concerned. My husband is pretty happy about not watching football ever again. It's been a good thing for him. He gets so much done and is enjoying the benefits of spending time with the kids and me. I know so many people not buying season tickets or directv package. Money saved for much better things.

James Rose Secretary of State John Kerry "funneled" taxpayer money into his daughter's global charity. This charity has since seen millions of ''donations'' from the UAE and the Muslim Brotherhood. They have learned from the Clinton Foundation and are using the same foot print to funnel money from taxpayers. Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to an Iranian national and physician. His best man at the ceremony was the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Zarif was also and Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations. Cozy crew. Now we know why Kerry is so hostile toward Israel and the recognition of Jerusalem as it's capital. He is corrupt on so many levels.

Donald E Bowling Wow! The tenacles of all this big fat mess keeps growing and growing. It is no wonder the government did not want to have this stuff come out. Hell half of the people in charge and others are involved. Did not want this can of worms opened you can bet on that

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