Sean Hannity Fox News 2-19-19 – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Sean Hannity Fox News 2-19-19

Sean Hannity Fox News Livestream 2019

"Socialism is essentially the government taking over [almost] every aspect of your life, and in America, that is not right."

On "Hannity," Lara Trump discussed the growing popularity of socialism within the Democratic Party, saying it is "not what our country was founded on."

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Franky Ramirez Dems are going to self-destruct. One policy alone makes our GDP look like $5 allowance a week.

Eddie Ramirez Lap dog hannity asking all the tough questions. Quick, someone do a little background check on hannity, dude is worth over a 100 mil. He buys property from distressed middle class Americans for a pennies on the dollar! The anti-f#cking Robin Hood and he’s the voice of the middle class! How is this possible?

Scott Baker This is the FOX response to Bernie raising millions from small donors in just a few hours. They are right to be concerned about Bernie as he will beat Trump in 2020.

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