Sean Hannity Fox News Live 3/8/2018

Sean Hannity Fox News Live

"President Donald J. Trump is simply doing what he said he would do during the presidential campaign – protecting American workers and safeguarding our national security, all at the same time." "At one time our plant had 400 members. We're going to be down to about 71. So, these tariffs definitely have an impact." A steelworker told President Donald J. Trump Thursday that his plant was once the largest supplier of armored plate to the U.S. military, but due to imports, the plant will be idled in September, which will lead to the loss of many jobs.

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Don Anderson George W Bush enacted steel tariffs in 2002, over the next three years the US lost over 200,000 manufacturing jobs, the tariffs were removed because the overall effect on the economy was negative.

Benjamin Smith Manufacturing has jumped around18% since Trump took office(those jobs that were NEVER coming back) this will be a much needed boost to a growing industry and the working middle class will thrive again!

Landon Sharp Finally some trade deals and policies that will bring jobs back! Not some of these bs free trade agreements pushed by Clinton,Bushes, or Obama!

Kevin Do Tariffs are stupidly bad, but one can see where the president is coming from. Other countries put unfair tariffs on our products, weren't we supposed to retaliate when that happens or just let them do that to us?

John Gattinger Sr. If you've ever worked in a Stamping Plant you would know that the cheaper steel that is imported and used has a lot more flaws in it than the US steel that was used. They use cheap labor and cheap materials to make their steel. We need our Steel Industry to come back here.

Karen Milano Nilsson Only time will tell. The adjustment may hurt. In the long run I hope it truly brings this industry back. Our steel is the better option. So sad, the quality of goods has fallen across the board. Customer service down the tubes. All for globalization. Toxic toys, toxic flooring and contaminated food. Its been a great experiment of 30yrs, but now its time to take back control.

Richard Williams We let these other countries undercut the price of steel for another 10 years, we keep on reducing the US output, eventualy all the Us companies go out of bussiness, much like coal,furniture,and auto companies. BUY IMPORTS, that is the result. Americans can only see in the present. WE WANT CHEEP GOODS! Well the argument is that beer will cost more, because of aluminum tariffs. On one side the cost may increase a bit, I argue that costs will stay the same or decrease. That would be due to elevated output, modernising plants and other cost saving measures. Now suppose that the costs do increase and love Sean Hannity Fox News Live

I believe that the other costs are far greater, and that is a certinty. OUR MANUFACTRES will go under result in at the least, lost jobs, cities failing, more jobs lost. However worse is that we become wholey dependent on foreign nations for our supplies. Oh dear, would we be in afix. What happens when China desides to increase the costs to the US, or worse refuses to sell to us?

How expensive will taht beer cost now when you have no income to pay for it. In suspect this will n ot be read, but if you do Thank you. Think about the furture. The auto is an example of foreign influence can have on our economany. Pay now or pay heavily in the future. We need to retauin our indepedance on some key issues. This ios one of those!

Colleen Marie My hubby has been a Machinist for going on 50 years now. He's always told me the foreign steel and aluminum is cheaper but the quality is not even close to American made steel products. Yes; making it here in our nation costs more because living here is not cheap and people have to make enough to pay the bills. Look at it this way; it's better to fly on a jet made with American Steel products than the counterpart Chinese Steel. As my hubby says: the difference in quality is noticeable in the strength, durability, and longevity. Buy American. Make American. Support American

Terry Derian Trump is right on this. If we were to go to war we could not get the steel to crank up the plants from foreigners. This is necessary if we want national security. So what if we pay a few more dollars for some things. You can’t put a price on our freedom..

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