Sean Hannity Fox News Live Tonight April 18, 2019

Sean Hannity Tonigh April 18, 2019

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Sean Hannity Fox News Live Tonight

Tonight, thankfully, for the sake of this country, truth has prevailed

It's mind boggling to me that everyone in the United States isn't rejoicing tonight with the knowledge that the president, the president of the united states of America was not and is not in bed with the Russians, isn't that something to celebrate, what's wrong with you people, your handed back to you a president that is a true and honest patriot, time to reflect on that, the USA is confirmed today to be honest and free.


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Total vindication now lets get stuff done for America and stop chasing hoaxes. Build the wall, fix immigration laws, and fix healthcare. Dems are going to have a good argument on health care. Also pls legalize cannabis and more than just the States Act before 2020. Paul Ryan screwed us more than people seem to understand. We had both houses and Ryan and sometimes with McConnel they never brought forth bills which was the Republicans platform and pass them while they could. I’m glad Ryan is gone. 

Trump can’t do everything himself but he’s doing his best to keep ALL campaign promises. Btw on cannabis I’m a legal medical cannabis patient in IL who uses cannabis to control my epilepsy after 29 years of pills!!!! We need REAL extensive federal and private research ASAP no more procrastinating. People like me depend on this for our health and to have insurance. I have to spend 500 every month to pay for my medicine. And btw all these generics prices going down in drugs ok cool that’s nice but some folks like myself with epilepsy, heart, and cancer patients and many more we all need the name brand best stuff. Generics for specific meds are no comparison and my Medicaid don’t pay squat in IL for name brand pills or to be able to see the best doctors due to some bad insurance and of course people like me can’t afford insurance. IL sucks and Chicago controls us. I wish we were two separate states which btw is now being proposed in IL with Republicans in the state house.

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