Sean Hannity Fox News March 15th 2018

Pressure is mounting for Jeff Sessions to name a second special counsel as Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham join Republicans calling for an investigation.

Viewers reacted:

Kelly  We need to have a Liberal Holocaust. Round them up, line them up, cap them all one-by-one, watch them fall into a ditch. Powpowpow! LOL!

Everyone involved in this FAKE DOSSIER & Uranium 1 in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, State Department and The Obama White House must go to jail all the way to the top. Anyone and all involved in and convicted of treason should be executed by a military firing squad.

Fact   Trumps Russia  Sanctions  signed off today   match  ALL  the  Russian parties indicted by Mueller. Wow  that makes  the intel  facts   support Mueller. The Laws of America doing their job.5  Americans arrested  on the Laws of America.

Jeremy M
At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist has anyone else noticed that the politicians of this country and ALL the news outlets are trying to sew dissent throughout this nation. It's called divide and conquer people. Get ready something big is coming.

Trumptards are so detached from reality. Any day now Hillary is going to FINALLY be found guilty of something LOL. We just need that tenth investigation, that'll do it. Hahahaha

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