Sean Hannity Today December 4, 2018


Special Counsel Mueller recommends no jail time for Gen. Michael Flynn.

Live: George H.W. Bush lies in state at the Capitol Rotunda

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Viewer reactions:

Jen Sweet When are you going to address high taxes, high fuel…and high for profit insurance…? when? you speak of greatness but using the word incorrect…great countries have health care…great countries take care of its citizens..

Lane Fontaine I wished I lived in a country that has a leader that cares about his country. Canada is doomed.

Karen Hollis Did you look at the stock market at all today? 

Did you know that the short and long term treasury bond rates are now inverted, and that an inversion has correctly signaled every single recession since 1955?

Patrick Dullea The Election of Trump has pulled the curtain back on The Administrative State (deep state) …Greatly points to the fact that we don't have a "Justice" system. We have a "Just Us" system (designed to protect criminals like the clintons). I no longer trust any of the alphabet Law Enforcement Agencies including the IRS or the Courts. The whole thing is rigged and corrupt beyond repair. Everybody knows this.

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