Sean Hannity Breaking News Tonight on Biden`a 100 days

Sean Hannity Breaking News Tonight April 30,21

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“Elections have consequences, and us losing those two seats in the Georgia Senate races have made all of this possible … we need to be loud and proud about what we stand up for.” Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told Sean Hannity that President Joe Biden’s policies should “focus Republicans like a laser on 2022.”.

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joins “Hannity” to discuss President Biden’s first 100 days in office. ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ host calls the pollster’s research ‘almost fraud.’

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Chris DeBello
Christie’s saying he might run for President in 2024. What’s that definition of insanity? I think Christie is a great person to go on Hannity. Interesting, all these comments from Liberals. And they say they don’t follow Fox news! Lol. Could have fooled me. Lol yes. I’ll watch tonight! Watch out with Chris he will turn where the wind blows. He threw President Trump under the Bus he is a trader! Accused him of starting the riots!

Janet Brinkman
He couldn’t run if he lost 50 pounds. Hannity looks like the mortuary did his make up for the entertainment show. Christie was the lawyer who jailed Jared Kushner’s dad that got pardoned. Christie also schooled trump for the debate on how to frustrate Biden and make him stutter. I do not want to hear what this clown has to say. He bad mouthed our President and then hid while the Democrats lied through their teeth. Irrelevant. He didn’t like Trump, now he doesn’t like Biden. Maybe Christie is a professional complainer. But he DOES like pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

James Perry
Great.So tell us what you “stand for”. Is it Family? No.How about workers? hahahaha…NO! The Constitution? Wrong again. Military? Vets? healthcare? No.No.No. So what DO they stand for?! Just three things.Power, power, and more power. Enjoy!

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