Sean Hannity August 29, 2018 Fox News Show Today – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Sean Hannity August 29, 2018 Fox News Show Today

Sean Hannity August 29, 2018 

The American economy is booming. That's what our upcoming elections in 69 days need to be about." 

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Viewer reactions:

Patt Lynch No the upcoming elections will not be anything but a great way to get the Democrats in charge to fix whatever Don the con has screwed up!

Paula Burleson Dunaway Hillary is being protected. She needs to pay and so does Obama but it isn't looking too promising that anything will ever be done about their crimes. This is just not acceptable.

Joyce McCowan Herrell We have a good OBAMA economy. Obama handed TRUMP a very good economy…TRUMP is destroying it…TRUMP will never create as many jobs as OBama did NOR will he bring up the market as much..

Jurgen Feichtinger Obama got it on track even with having to deal with a bad resesion a housing problem high unemployment and 2 wars and this clown the Manchild walks in and takes credit for why don't you talk about that the mouth piece of the Manchild.

Ross DaBoss If many Americans are struggling to get by, then that is a sign that it is NOT a strong economy. Maybe the stock market is rising, but that only helps the already rich. Maybe unemployment is low, but if someone working a full time job still can't afford basic necessities, then simply having a job is NOT a sign of a strong economy…. The definition of a strong economy should include a metric for how well EVERYONE living in the economy is doing. If a significant percentage of the people are struggling, it doesn't matter how well the stock market is doing, or how low unemployment is, it is NOT a strong economy.

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