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We have got to get the tables turn back on the criminals. They are not the victims. The victims are the victims the criminals are the criminals and that must be that way. It is that way they just don’t want to look at that way and I’m talking about the left

President Trump criticizes Jeff Sessions' leadership at the DOJ; attorneys Joe diGenova and David Schoen react on 'Hannity.'

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Bob Smith  Not even one of the 6 people so far who have indictments against them had anything to do with Trump. It is all for things they did before Trump.

Cindy Rodberg I have a really good idea. We should form groups that go around and follow the DCFS in that area make sure there taking care of their children properly their elderly properly. Find out who their managers are or supervisors chase them around make sure they don't make one little mistake. I think all of their home should be inspected to make sure their electrical cords and rugs are up to code and proper. If they're not everyone should be removed from the home immediately and put into foster care or nursing homes or whatever they deem. Maybe they should be threatened with prosecution and serve jail time for abusing Youth and elderly. It's just so ridiculous

Daniel Jones if their going to do something they ought to get the cheerleading coward down in Texas and his co-defendants from both parties that lied us into the middle east again covering up for the Saudi's who just opened the New World trade Center in the desert, then flew overf took some flight lessons which the government were told about and used the Old world Trade Center as an airport

Sessions wants politics kept out of the DOJ but the DOJ under Sessions is one of the most politicized in recent memory.

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