Sean Hannity 8/20 : Equal justice under the law is in jeopardy

The American justice system is designed to prosecute crimes not persecute individuals.

For months team Mueller has unsuccessfully tried to turn the screws on multiple individuals, only because of their association with Trump. In other words, we're criminalizing political differences

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Ed Jones
Equal justice under the law?  This country hasn't been that way for as long as I can remember.  I am 49 years old and served in the Marine Corps.  If I deleted 30,000 emails, I would be rotting in a prison somewhere.

Alvena Beac
In Canada we now have fake news. Ctv has had democrats on running down President Trump with lies. So wish as many here wish we had a Donald Trump and feel that in time we will have. Can't wait until our next election.

The longer Mueller draws out this “investigation” the more we will have failed to achieve any justice. He has at this point turned the DOJ into a political farce.

Ernest Bratley Wrong at least 5 found guilty . A trial going on on one . Charges being filed on another , an up coming trial on another

Mary Haga Hannity . Great show again. That Mueller should have is licence provoke from investatigating anything. His Witch Hunt Probe should be flush down every toilet in America…..When does Muellers Investigation start with Hilary disappearing emails start??

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