Sean Hannity August 16 2018 : Security Clearance Not a right

Sean Hannity 8-16-18 I Fox News – August 16, 2018

Sean Hannity  August 16 2018

A U.S. president has the authority to revoke any clearance, with or without a stated reason.

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Danny Crump
Hey! I was in military with a TS clearance, I retired so did my clearance, why are these people keeping there clearance?

Macs M.
Show me one private business concern–large or small–that walks an employee out the front door without forcing them to relinquish keys and security passes. JUST ONE. That's the end of that debate. What they're p.o.'d about is that they're losing the cachet that allows them to jockey for prestigious positions, acting like a security clearance is a birth right!

Obama tolerated the deep state to weaponize the DOJ and the FBI to go against any republican president sitting in the WH. They don't care whatever is the outcome as long as the democrats hold eternal political power in the fed gov't. It only show how important the second amendment is when it comes to their greed for political power.

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