Sean Hannity 8/13/2018 – Fox News


President Trump's attorney on the firing of anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, FISA abuse and former CIA Director John Brennan's role in the Russian collusion investigation.

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Viewers reactions:

Kelly You know when the system is corrupted when you need an investigation on the investigators that are doing a useless investigation on trump with no evidence and yet they let Hillary Clinton free and there's evidence of her corruption and lawbreaking by the truck load on her. Everyone in the justice department and FBI need to be fired and find new people.

George Tow Mueller is a joke that will end up being investigated and locked up. Witch hunt is coming to its end. Real investigation into Crooked Hillary and the corrupted deep state is just beginning. MAGA

Brennan should go to prison for treason , he is an anti American who thinks the most of himself .

Diwem Diwem
Sean and Rudy you both know that Muellers Rosenstien investigation is completely illegal bogus dossier fabricated evidence the whole thing is corruption at the highest level Mueller wiseman sessions Rosenstien all crooks yet there allowed to continue why once you find the why you will have all the answers. I believe it's a political witch hunt and a coup if this is established then cuff them up and proceed with a military court. President Trump is commander in chief yet he's fighting all this crap with one hand tied behind his back you have Republicans in Congress telling you the president he can't fire Mueller Mitch McConnell Own words and backed up by Rino Ryan and other Trump haters standing behind Rino McConnell on that day these people are elected by the people for the people yet they don't care about the president or anyone else there a bunch of rogues that need replacing.

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