Sean Hannity 5/03/21 Full Interview Rudy Giuliani Tonight

Sean Hannity 5/03/21 Full Interview Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani denied allegations that he violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, saying that federal investigators are “trying to frame” him.  I have no doubt the evidence seized will show that Rudy was up to no good- having said that Im sure the ultra right GOP hate and division that comes out each day from Fox News will pale by comparison.

Watch Sean Hannity 5/03/21 Full Interview Rudy Giuliani tonight

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FOX News’ Bill Melugin reports on teacher who verbally attacked an officer after being pulled over on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Viewer react to Sean Hannity 5/03/21 Full Interview Rudy Giuliani

Eldon Kent
Biden is moving all star baseball out if Carolina and stopping roads in Texas cause they voted for USA good. WOW! I’m not even sure who would want to be a politician or police officer any longer, let alone be in the public eye and constantly having your life examined under a microscope! Every time a Democrat gets in trouble (The John Kerry bombshell) they do something to a Republican to keep in the news so people forget about the Democrat. A smokescreen. It works. Anyone seen anything lately on Kerry?


Paul Simeone
I don’t know about you people but sometimes I think we’re in the Twilight Zone without Democrats I think they’re from another planet or another dimension I never seen anybody change so much like they have or have they been that that all the time.

Austin Stewart
A good lawyer would know to shut his mouth while under investigation regardless of innocence. This makes me question Rudy’s judgement a little. “Truth is not truth” Rudy will keep on embarrassing himself like he did in the Borat movie

Richard Wertheim
I’ve got better ways to waste time. Hope the makeup folks check to make sure Rudy’s hair dye isn’t running again. Seriously, we’re dealing with a guy who “accidentally” married his cousin, peddles conspiracies and, leaks an unknown brownish-black substance when giving interviews. Don’t get me started on the press conference at the landscapers. Their hatred for President Trump is what drives them to ruin everyone around him. Obama is behind it for revenge! and love to watch Sean Hannity 5/03/21 Full Interview Rudy Giuliani

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