Sean Hannity 3-21-18: Media cheer the deep state attacks on Trump

Hannity: Media cheer the deep state attacks on Trump

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The deep state ran to their favorite liberal media outlet with a targeted leak meant to smear President Trump.

Viewers reacted:

Kellie MC
Thank you Hannity!! These shadow government media puppets make me angry. God Bless & protect you sir.

Allenbard Woodison
Who cares if Trump congratulated Putin? Leaders around the world congratulated Putin. Brennan is a traitor. He's being blackmailed – the question is by whom. Brennan should be in prison.

Annaj banana
Listen to Brennan the frikkin traitor talk, did he know his bunk buddies Comey and Mueller and Obama stood by or took part in Selling Uranium to RUSSIA

Angela Haggerty Yup, another Republican bites the dust. Can't wait til November when the Democrats finally take back the House and Senate and we can get some work done in this country.

Eric Gladfelter Wow, the more you look into Mueller's years in Boston you realize he has some very questionable baggage of convicting 4 innocent men who were later proved to be innocent. Mueller and his men withheld information when they knew the men were innocent. Unfortunately, two of the men DIED in jail. And, this is the man some refer to as being "honerable"? You're kidding me. Once again we need to hold these hacks accountable and not turn a blind eye to their past.

Danielle Weikart Everyone under Trump will be investigated no matter what! And we are still waiting on approvals on administration personal, people that were even approved during bush administration, this is all the democrats can do! It’s BS! It hurts our country and costs millions to billions of dollars bc they are bitter their pc of crap candidate lost!

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