Sean Hannity 12-5-18 – Breaking Fox News December 5, 2018

Sean Hannity 12/5/18

Former President George H.W. Bush will be taken to his final resting place by a train designed more than a decade ago in honor of the 41st commander in chief

Special Air Mission 41, carrying the casket of former President Bush will arrive in Houston, Texas with members of the Bush family aboard. Mourners will watch the arrival, after which the funeral procession will move to St. Martin's Episcopal Church. The president's body will lie in repose at St. Martin's overnight.

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Stan Anthony Czubernat The train tracks are just a few miles from my house. I will be paying my respects as President Bush passes by Spring Texas tomorrow.

Robert Garcia I’m a teacher. I showed my kiddos as much as possible of today’s ceremonies. Of course, we missed the airport departure and arrival in Houston. I was unaware of the train portion. How spectacular! I’ll share this part with them tomorrow. Hopefully they will have been intrigued enough to ask their folks to watch the news

Michele Mason Anderson We'll be there as the procession makes it through my little town of Magnolia, TX. Excited to bring my 7 yr old son to see the reverence our nation has for our leaders. I grew up an Air Force Officers daughter and remember the picture of President Bush 41 on the wall up at the air field. I was born in the early Reagan era but Bush is the 1st President I really remember. Well done good and faithful servant.

Pam Kovick Tyree Very moving service today the family must be exhausted have been going for 3 days …President Bush gave such a moving eulogy to his dad. An amazing family a Bush Sr led a full life and nice to know he and Barbara together with their Robin

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