Sean Hannity 12/3/18: Media Attacks Trump after George H.W. Bush’s death

Members of the media are using the passing of the 41st president as an excuse to criticize Trump; panel reaction on 'Hannity.'

Trump, first lady pay respects to George H.W. Bush

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Viewer reactions:

Lisa Freeman ·This is someones father and grandfather people!!!! Didnt you lose someone in your family that you loved! Be respectful!!

Doc N. Carolyn  Lots of people on this thread who apparently didn’t have a decent mother to teach them social graces.

Kathryn Burton Breadwell ·  I’m glad President HW Bush did not treat President Trump as he was treated when McCain passed! God Bless our President and his family

Thank you President Trump and First Lady Melanie for showing true respect to a former President. Prayers of comfort for the Bush family.

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