Seahawks Fans Are Burning Richard Sherman’s Jersey After He Signs With 49ers

Earlier this week, we saw the end of an era in Seattle, after the Seahawks decided to part ways with Richard Sherman, one of the greatest players in the team’s franchise history.

The team was willing to bring back Sherman at a lower price, but the all-pro cornerback received heavy interest from the Seahawks’ NFC West-rival, the 49ers.

After taking a visit to the bay area on Saturday, Sherman came away from with a three year deal worth up to 39.15 million dollars.

The decision came with a bunch of backlash and this one particular Seahawks fan took it to the next level, burning his #25 jersey:

The Richard Sherman deal came in like I expected. One year about 9 mil with ability to make top Cb money if he recovers from Achilles and he will. Good deal

Viewers reacted:

Chad Brian I feel like one idiot fan does this any time any player leaves a team then articles like this make it seem widespread, but fans can’t be this dumb on the whole…can they?

Nate Christian I still love my Seahawks and i love Sherm. And i know Russ and gonna be throwing all over him, Baldwin and Lockett gonna burn tf outta him on routes lol

Tom Asher Isn’t the whole “burning jerseys” thing played out yet? Especially when the player was forced into a decision like this?

Travis Keller If Nick Foles has taught us anything, it's that you don't get rid of a players jersey when they leave town…
Omar Naranjo I don't understand idiots like this. I still have a few players jerserys that are no longer on my favorite team. Business is business and in this case Seattle let him walk.

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