Seahawks And CB Richard Sherman Are Reportedly Parting Ways

End of an era in Seattle.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Seahawks CB Richard Sherman has been telling teammates that his time with the Seahawks is coming to an end and he won’t be on the team next season.:

Viewers reacted:

Peng Vang Bennett to the Eagles alrdy, sherman out soon, and maybe Thomas. Y’all 2014 bandwagon’ers better stay put with the team!!!

Robert Watefurett Hefferman RIP? The Legion of Boom has been dead for awhile. They are just now finally getting rid of the carcasses

Nick Bauersfeld I'd love for the Raiders to land him. I know ol boy a Raider fan, growing up in LA. But that would mean having him and Crabtree in the same locker room together lol.

Johnny JKalltheway Woods We got the designer of the Legion of Boom.. Hopefully he can draft up a Legion of Doom in Dallas with Earl Thomas hopefully coming back to the LONE STAR STATE

Pogel George If Tomas and Chanclor weren't on the field he wasn't as good. He plays well when his safeties we're there. He's been in decline in recent years

David Pinnow No, he’s not the most over rated. He’s also not the best in the league (and never was). He’s very good, but never number 1, but always in the top tier.

Benjamin Batrez Didn't do much against my bolts… Antonio gates and Eddie royal tore them up the legion was dead a long time ago

Luke Quilici Bradley maybe he can come play SS for the steelers. He'd be a legit safety with his skills with the ball in the air.

Jared Knudson His interception numbers have been way down the past 2 years. Sad to see him go but they were paying him too much.

Sean Matthews Ruben, If I where you. I would not talk trash to much. One of the top landing place for him is Atlanta.

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