The Savitsky Cats FANTASTIC & THEY STEPPED IT UP QUARTERFINALS 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

Savitsky Cats America's Got Talent 

The video package features the kitties with funny dialog. That was more entertaining than the act! Sometimes the kitties need a little handling before they cooperate. They are like cat whisperers. Because your typical cat attitude is basically “eff you.” Heidi goes full pun. “Puuurrrfect,” she says. Howie is not sure they stepped it up. Heidi disagrees. Simon takes a bit to recover from Heidi’s bad puns. Heidi says she enjoyed the music more than the cats. They run out of time. No critique from a giggling Simon. I’m will Mel and Howie.Sure, cats are typically not trainable. But once they are? Eh. 

Cat Act – Mother daughter duo–Mom has been training cats for 20 years. She used to find them on the streets. This time new tricks and new cats! Juuust waiting for one of these cats, at one point, to say U and wander away. It almost happens at one point! Or was that part of the act? Endless treats! A mildly entertaining act. Howie loved it. He feels the act stepped it up. Could not resist a bad pun–noting the duo almost had a “catastrophy” when the one kitty almost didn’t play.Martina loved it “It was thrilling to watch.” Heidi felt they put on a “real show.” It made Mel smile.Simon thinks the act would make a great TV show. Hm. The duo want to open a cat theater. 

Savitsky Cats with new cats and new tricks . Martina McBride as the guest judge. America's Got Talent 2018 Season 13 Episode 9 Judge Cuts 3

The SavitskyCats are paws-itively amazing

The Savitsky Cats: Super Trained Cats Perform Exciting Routine – America's Got Talent 2018

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Viewers reacted to Savitsky Cats America's Got Talent 

Nancy Leanne Lanzalotto Last night that was incredible to watch. I've never seen a trained cat, except to use the litter pan. My cats were always "independent" to put it nicely.

Diane Westgate I thought this act was GREAT! I couldn’t believe that these cats were actually doing what they had been trained to do! I went to see a cat show with performing cats once, and half of them were just doing their own thing, walking around in the audience! So I have to say kudos to these trainers and cats

Dianne Mickey Wickes Wintrode I thought this was amazing! Didn't know that kitties could be so well-trained to do tricks like this. WOW

Miah Lin I'm not sure. I feel kinda bad for them. They're kinda like circus animals but cats. So like circus cats? Like they were forced to preform. I feel bad. Idk. Maybe they have really good owners. I just don't know

Olivia B. Tolentino It wouldnt be entertaining if those cats were abused while training them do this. But those cats didnt mind at all. I know that cats are bossy and if they dont want they just dont..

K Dawn Matherly Cozzali Wow Very well trained cats and very adorable loved it

Paul Ludtke When i had cats they didn't even notice us much less wanted to do anything except what they wanted to do lol

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