Sarah Grace The Voice Top 8 Sings Sign of the Times Live Performance

Sarah Grace Sings Sign of the Times by Harry Styles – The Voice Top 8 

Sarah Grace The Voice Top 8 

The Voice season 15 Semi-Final performances air on Monday (Dec 10) with the results following on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 The Top 8 contestants will sing TWICE for your votes.

Three artists will automatically move on to the finale. The two artists with the fewest votes will be immediately eliminated and the middle three will contend for the remaining spot in the next finale via the Instant Save.

1. Vote on THE VOICE App
2. Stream my song on repeat as long as possible
3. Vote on the Xfinity site (10X per email)
4. Vote at

Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – I love Sarah Grace, but I think her risky performances will finally do her in this week. With Kymberli taking the gospel route and Chris finding a comfortable, albeit safe groove, I think Sarah will be heading home this week in the bottom 2. I hope I’m wrong!

Sarah Grace Sings Sign of the Times by Harry Styles for her The Voice Top 8 live performance tonight

Sarah Grace's Vocals Soar to "Sign of the Times"

Reigning winner Brynn Cartelli had a showcase last week and Kelly took her team along. Brynn is also on hand to help mentor. “This song just speaks to me,” says Sarah. Kelly warns that this week, the contestants are “on the chopping block.” Kelly is looking for more drama, “You need a moment,” she says. The singer is sitting at a sparkly purple grand piano. I love the dusky tone of Sarah’s voice. She doesn’t employ a tone of tricks when she sings, but her subtle phrasing is effective.

At the bridge she grabs the mic and takes the stage. She hits a big long note and sings with urgency. Thing is, she’s not the big tricksy singer like some of the others, and that puts her at a disadvantage. Jennifer is a fan of both her bravery and talent. “I love how you commanded the entire room.” Kelly says, “You are such a musician at this age…your subtlties are my favroite parts of your voice.” I agree with Kelly.

Sarah Grace Sings Sign of the Times: ITunes Download

Sarah Grace Sings  Amazing Grace for her The Voice Top 10 performance tonight

Amazing Grace (Traditional Hymn) – Sarah plays the trumpet at blues jams. Or, at least she tries. Oh, she’s going to play trumpet tonight as she sings “Amazing Grace” using elements of “House of the Rising Sun” melody. And it’s all her idea! That’s why Sarah is fast becoming my favorite. 

Sarah Grace Sings  Amazing Grace : ITunes Download

Sarah Grace Sings Dog Days are Over by Florence for  her The Voice  Top 11 live performance in front of audiences and the Judges

Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machine – Sarah has a Taiwanese fan. “I get to do a song from this century,” says Sarah. Heh. It’s a good idea to shake things up. It’s a hard song to sing though. “Let your body feel the song,” suggests Kelly. She thinks the moment will prove Sarah can be played on modern radio. 

Sarah Grace – Team Kelly Clarkson – Dog Days Are Over – Single – ITunes Download

Sarah Grace Sings "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performance

Sarah Grace Sings Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John: Itunes Download

Viewers react to Sarah Grace The Voice Top 10

Viewer react to Sarah Grace The Voice Top 8 

Sharon Balta Ah can someone please tell me what that was! You don't mess with Amazing Grace and you don't sing it to tune of House Of The Rising Sun. That wasn't great at all. AT ALL!

Darcy Dean Omg No, what was that?????????? I am at a loss of words that was bad, just totally disrespectful to the song.. SMH

Gwendolyn Johnson Delaney The Blind Boys of Alabama did Amazing Grace to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. It is a beautiful rendition. And so was this. The words carry the meaning, and the heart of the singer. Lovely job.

Mary Herston Morris I didn't like it at all. Just made the meaning of Amazing Grace sound like she was on drugs. Sing it with faith. Sarah Grace The Voice Top 10

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