America’s Got Talent 2018 Samuel J. Comroe Semifinals Performance

Comedian with Touretts – Another mildy amusing routine from Samuel. Howie thinks he delivered a performance that will take him to the finals. “This is my favorite performance of the night,” says Mel.  Heidi is underwhelmed, but thinks he’s a nice guy. Simon says it was hard to folllow the acrobats. But he nailed “I think we’re going to see you in the finals,” he says. Tara asks him about his “accent.” He’s from Southern California, yet talks like a southern. He says he has no idea where it comes from. “Maybe I was born with swag,”, he says. Or maybe it’s Forign Accent Syndrome(Yes. It’s a thing!)

The funny comedian with Tourette Syndrome gives us an inside look as to how men and women think.

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