America's Got Talent 2018 Samuel J Comroe Audition Performance

Samuel J Comroe Stand Up Comedian LAUGH ABOUT DOGS QUARTERFINALS 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

Samuel J. Comroe Comedian with Tourette Syndrome He is Funny America's Got Talent 2018 Audition AGT

Samuel J. Comroe – Stand Up Comedian – He’s been doing comedy for 10 years. He has tourettes syndrome, which he calls “cute.” He blinks and twitches, which he can’t control. He got bullied at school. The first laugh he got on stage changed his life. He just had a daughter–there is a 50 percent chance that she inherited it. He incorporates his twitch into his comedy–more than talking about it. So we can laugh with him rather than at him. He’s not hilarious, but he’s making the most of his physical disability. Mel thinks he’s very good. Heidi calls him “very talented.” Simon calls him an “incredible guy.” – 4 yeses

Comedian with Tourettes – Like Noah, Sam’s dad features into his video package. Oh. Dad wanted to be a comedian too. “In my eyes, Samuel is the best comedian ever to walk this earth.” Aw. “It’s a dream come true to follow two dolphins doing whatever it is they were doing,” OK that’s kind of funny. Next, it’s jokes about his pug dog. Who doesn’t love doggos? Ha.Simon LOOVES pooches. Smart move. A mildly humorous routine gets a standing ovation. “Well done,” says Howie. Heidi didn’t love this week’s routine. His best was the first time, for sure. Simon thinks Sacred Riana put a curse on the show.! He loves Samuel and hopes America votes for him.Mel B says ditto. Tyra does a spot on imitation of Samuel’s “accent.” It’s strange, because the dude is from Los Angeles. Is that vocal affectation part of his Tourettes? 

The funny comedian with Tourette Syndrome gives us an inside look as to how men and women think.

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