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Samantha Bee Breaks Down Why Stephen Miller Has To Be Fired ‘Right F**king Now’

Samantha Bee on Wednesday made it crystal clear what she thinks should happen to White House aide Stephen Miller, a leading advocate of President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

“Fire Stephen Miller right fucking now,” demanded the “Full Frontal” host.

“Stephen Miller’s presence in the White House is more than a symbolic issue,” Bee explained in a segment centered on the recent leak of Miller’s pre-2016 election emails in which he pushed white nationalist talking points.

“Unlike most of the graduates of the Trump clown academy, Miller is actually effective, his work has a real impact on people’s lives,” Bee continued. “He’s behind many of the policies that have devastated hundreds of thousands of people, everything from ICE roundups to the administration’s family separations to shutting down the entire government for his stupid fucking wall.”

Bee then turned to Republicans who are refusing to condemn Miller:

Obviously, Democrats are calling for him to be fired, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Republican talking about it on camera. I guess once you’ve accepted that you’re the party of Steve King, being the party of Stephen Miller really is more of a lateral move. And the White House knows that their Republican colleagues are too chickenshit to make this an issue.

“What these emails do is remove any shred of plausible deniability for Trump supporters. We know now, for certain, that there is no daylight between the Trump administration and white nationalism,” Bee concluded.

Check out the clip here:

Elsewhere on the show, Bee marked the two years since #MeToo movement garnered international attention by speaking with its founder Tarana Burke:

Bee also addressed the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump:

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