Roseanne Barr Humiliates Anti-Trump Jimmy Kimmel Right To His Face

Not many celebrities are willing to break the Hollywood elitist anti-Trump mold in public, but shockingly, Roseanne Barr just did it again. This time she put anti-Trump liberal Jimmy Kimmel in his place during his third-rate late night show.

Roseanne’s back and doing what she does best: Giving people an unfiltered piece of her mind, including her leftwing peers. As part of a promotion for her new show — which has been much-hyped in part because Barr’s character supports, wait for it, the president — Barr and co-star John Goodman appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the show and Trump.

The interview started off with Kimmel asking Barr about her presidential campaign in 2012, which she ran entirely on Twitter, making her “the original crazy Twitterer,” which she joked Trump stole from her. Goodman responded by announcing that he’s been paying hush money to women for years, a reference to the ongoing Stormy Daniels saga, which got a big laugh from everyone. Barr noted that while she only managed to get on the ballot of three states, she came in sixth overall. Her big campaign issue was the legalization of marijuana.

When Barr brought up her personal support of Trump and the conflicts it caused within her family, Kimmel asked her if her family was mad at her about voting for him. “We had some so pro-Hillarys and some pro-Trump, and there was a lot of fighting,” she said.

“Weren’t you a friend, like a good friend, of Hillary Clinton’s at one point?” asked Kimmel.

Barr looked around with an inscrutable but hilarious look on her face while Goodman made the universal “crazy” gesture. “Yeah, I was,” said Barr.

Kimmel pressed her about “what happened,” noting she’d become “very down” on Clinton and even accused her of being a “murderer” on Twitter.

“I did not!” said Barr. When Kimmel said he’d find the tweet, she said, “I deleted it, so f*** you!” which got everyone laughing again. “I had some disagreement with her foreign policy,” said Barr finally.

When Barr asked Kimmel if he agreed with Clinton’s foreign policy, he turned the conversation to “Captain Wacko we’ve got running the country.”

“I’m shocked at it because I know you were a socially liberal person in general,” said Kimmel about her support for Trump.

“I’m still the same!” Barr exclaimed. “You all moved. You all went so f***ing far out, you lost everything. I mean seriously, a lot of your audience, and including me. I just want to say this Jimmy, a lot of us, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail, you know?”

Her statement was met with applause, and Kimmel suggested she might be right that the Left has gone too far.

Barr then turned the issue into a jab at socially conservative Vice President Mike Pence. “Because we don’t want Pence,” she said. “You want Pence for the frickin’ president?” she asked Kimmel.

“No, I don’t want him either,” Kimmel replied.

“Then you zip that f***in lip!” said Barr. The crowd erupted.

Kimmel then tried to steer the discussion back to the show, which he praised for having this “really great” dynamic that shows what real people are experiencing: open conflicts about political and ideological views. That prompted Barr to recount one of her daughter’s “weeping” when Trump won, describing it as “the end” and fearing that Trump was going to deport “all the gays.”

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Viewers reacted:

Phyllis Bruno Romano Thank you Roseann Barr you put him in his place good for you can't wait to see your show.

Grace Smith Rose Ann's a lot smarter than Jimmy Kimmel!

Karen Stagg He just betrayed everyone who voted for him; the converts who supported him; he threw away his presidency and will be a lame duck president because congress will make certain that he won't be able to pass anything again. Paul Ryan will be the candidate in 2020 – the snake.

Peggy Cardinale Leonardi It’s not the president it’s Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Rinos. Coulter your getting a bit ahead of yourself. This bill is only in effect until September. Vote the Rinos out of power and keep the Dems from gaining power. Don’t be so quick to throw the president under the bus. All of you who are abandoning the president are playing right into the Dems hands. Vote for them and you or your children won’t be able to go out of your homes without some illegal attacking you. The welfare will be worse than it is now. Have some faith and use common sense.

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