God’s Country Rose Short The Voice Top 10 Performance Tonight

Rose Short Sings God’s Country on The Voice Top 10 Tonight

Rose Short The Voice Top 10

The Voice 17 live finals start tonight  on Monday as the Top 10 sing for your votes in front of coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Who is your favorite singer, where do the singers stand ahead of the next show At the end of Tuesday`s results show , two artist will leave the voice season 17


Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Border Song by Elton John  – The two talk about their connection. Rose truly believes Gwen is the best coach for her. Carson LOVES Rose’s lively family. She talks about how abusive the prison guard job could be. She feels released. Foreigner noted her performance of their song “I Wanna Know What Love Is” on social media. Rose is performing the Aretha Franklin version of “Border Song.” This is SUCH A GREAT SONG. It’s one of my favorite EJ songs. It’s a rousing, soulful performance. The perfect way to end the show. She deserves the pimp spot! This makes up for that mediocre original song. John calls it a “beautiful message for the final song. That was very special.” Gwen believes Rose has known exactly what she wanted to do on this journey, says Gwen. But God added a little extra drop of cool and talent, when it comes to Rose, she says. Gwen begs America to vote for Rose.

Rose Short & Gwen Stefani – My Gift is You by Gwen Stefani – It’s the first Christmas song Gwen has ever written. Gwen notes their wildly differing styles. They do a 60’s set piece. It’s a cute set up. So Gwen chooses her own song, which allows her to shine, rather than her team member. On the studio version, Rose recedes into the background. My eyes are rolling.

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Steamroller by Rose Short (written by Kelleigh Bannen, Scott Stepakoff & Jason Massey) – Gwen has recorded a lot in that studio. She can’t wait to get Rose in the booth. “This is literally my life,” says Rose. Gwen swears she couldn’t have done something like The Voice, but she’s happy to live through it with Rose. I don’t love this song. Singing show contestants end up with songs writers couldn’t sell to anyone else. The songwriters may be high profile, but it’s not their best work. Rose finishes the song with some delicious adlibs. She can sing, that’s for sure. Blake thinks it’s the best pairing of an artist and original song. He thinks it really showcased her voice. Gwen could see her enjoying the moment.

Rose Short (Team Gwen) was nearly eliminated during last week’s episode, when she had to compete for the Instant Save Vote. Fortunately, she rose to the occasion, and performed a swaggering cover of “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman” that demolished the other contestants who were in competition. Short also covered “I Wanna Know What Love Is” earlier in the episode, and it was so electric that it made her coach tear up.

Rose Short shares on her facebook page:

“Yahweh Elohim told me to quit my job. I did. I was scared. I wanted to go back but he told me no. I relied on him and him alone. I was sitting on my moms patio and I said, Yahweh Elohim is about to do something. Within 7 months I prayed for exposure and THIS HAPPENED. I never imagined how or when it would happened. My constant prayer is for me to be out of the way. “Let thy see thee in me.” In the midst of him letting me live my dream, he is saving my soul! This is bigger than me! All praise and glory to my Heavenly Father! I am a grateful servant! I want to thank Marsha Thompson my sis for creating this group. I want to thank you all for your love and support. I hear you, I see you and it’s felt! I’m taking all your love with me on that stage! And I’m gonna give it everything I got in HIS NAME! I love you all!”

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What song she will sing tonight for her the Voice Finals 

Rose Short performs My Gift Is You for her the Voice performance tonight



Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – God’s Country by Blake Shelton  – Rose brings her parents to rehearsal. She cries from happiness. Mom says Rose has been singing since 6 months old. She also loves country music, thus she’s covering Blake’s biggest hit to date. Blake resists giving his gal pal tips, he’s afraid Rose will sing it better. She probably will. Surrounded by a choir, Rose sings soulfully against a stomping beat. Yep. She’s kicking Blakes butt. Heh. Her big strong voice is a declaration. She really can sing anything. And she knows how to make a low note count. The coaches are on their feet. Blake is bowing! “That song is hard!” says Rose. “That made Blake’s original sound like the dome,” jokes Carson. “You were killing it,” says Blake. He’s rethinking the entire arrangement. Kelly calls it  “great song.” And is amazed by Rose’s range. “Tasteful, classy, played to who you are as a singer,” says Kelly. Gwen calls it meant to be. Oh. The song was Rose’s mom’s idea

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What song Rose Short will sing for her the voice top 10 performance tonight on NBC

I love Rose she has an incredible voice very clear tone and she gives me an awesome performance every time she sings. For me she is the voice, She is the one I will buy songs from if she wins or not. Thank you for the Voice I found her.

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Even though there’s a place for Katie , Rose doesn’t shout through her songs—-she sings and inflects when and where it’s needed! I like her!

Viewer reaction:

Bernadette Cecelia Bergman She is so fantastic! I think the two best this year is Katie and Rose!

Terri Dailey Rose is totally cool and did a great job on this song…Paul should be proud!!

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