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Rose Short’s “Big White Room” Is Blake’s Favorite Performance of the Knockouts – The Voice Knockouts

Rose Short The Voice Knockout

Destiny Rayne vs Rose Short – Team Gwen – Gwen paired her two powerhouse singers together.

Rose Short – Big White Room by Jesse J – Rose used to work at a prison. She’s got a big voice and big personality. Taylor advises Rose to open her otherwise, but otherwise, no notes. Both were really moved by Rose’s performance. She really hits those low notes beautifully. She’s not giving away everything too soon. She opens up on the chorus, and brings it back down. That was really well paced!

Destiny Rayne – Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato – Gwen stole Destiny from John Legend. She’s a songwriter from Nashville. When she moved to Nashville, she thought she’d be sing, but doors closed. She’ll bring that vulnerability to her performance. Taylor says it’s more important to delve into the emotion, rather than belt her way through. Destiny’s voice isn’t as powerful as Rose, and her range is rough in the upper register. I think Rose has got this.

Kelly liked Destiny’s vibe. She calls Rose and impressive singer. She’d go with Rose. Blake thought the song was too big for her. He’s glad Rose has his “best friend” as he coach. It’s his favorite performance of the Knockout round. John calls Destiny’s performance strong, but he felt Rose’s notes were “gorgeous and clear.” Gwen Chooses Rose, Destiny is Eliminated

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