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Grab Your Tissues! Ronda Felton Makes Lionel Richie Cry! – American Idol 2021

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American Idol 2021 continues tonight with Auditions part 3. Who will get a coveted golden ticket to Hollywood? Who will be sent home! Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan return, along with host Ryan Seacrest. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is the rule in the studio

Watch Ronda Felton American Idol performance tonight on American Idol

Ronda Felton – One Night Only from Dreamgirls – 19 – Milwaukee WI – Unemployed – She explains that her life has been hard. She’s crying, and hesitant. Ronda was raised by a single mom. Often they were homeless. They moved around a lot. By high school, she had been in 12-15 schools. They sing Zoom by the Commodores together. Welp.

Lionel gives Ronda his magic hankie. I can’t imagine she’s performed in many places. Nevertheless, she has an incredible big voice. She’s got a very well-developed and unique style. Her phrasing is beautiful. Papa Lionel is crying. He says that God provided a crack, just big enough to get through.

He says her life will change. Luke believes her best performances are to come. Mom comes in to the audition room for the big reveal. TEARS ALL AROUND. Of course, the two sing Zoom for Lionel. He sings along with them. You KNEW that was gonna happen. Lionel confesses that song at a hard time in his life. “If I have touched you in anyway…that is the greatest gift ever.” – 3 yeses

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