Robert White's Semi-Final performance | He made the Final

Britain’s Got Talent: Robert White is coming for you in this HILARIOUS routine

Robert White's Semi-Final performance

Get ready for your cheeks to hurt from too much laughter! Robert White is taking to our Semi-Final stage and he’s bringing the comedy gold with him. But look out Judges, you know he’s not going to leave you unscathed in this act

Watch musical-comedian Robert White take on the Judges in this HILARIOUS performance! It's really no wonder he made the Final! 

Viewers reacted to Robert White's Semi-Final performance

Steph Johnston Absolutely hilarious!! To be fair I very rarely laugh out loud at comedy acts anymore, but he was a different ball game. Very funny guy!

Karis Lane Robert was fantastic I think the reason Why he was able to go so close to the bone is because he didn’t let anything hang in midair the audience didn’t have time to take anything he just moved swiftly on to the next thing. His V.T was almost part of the performance too so I was laughing before he even came on.Gruffydd was great too and I think the magician has to at least be considered for wall card Very pleased with the top three tonight

Catherine Cudby What a complete and utter joke that he got through over some of the other acts that were in tonight’s show. It seems a fix that they put lots of good acts all in tonight’s show when the first two nights were so rubbish!

Soph Lipscomb' Rarely ever laugh yet I was laughing uncontrollably with my own laughter taking me by surprise , very funny man , glad he's gone through …. Wish the magician had gone through too though

Cheryl Richards Big nasty best be in trouble for that push to robert that was bang out of order!! Hope Robert white is ok you did a fantastic job tonight your so funny!!

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