Blind Robert Finley America's Got Talent 2019 SURPRISING Performance

Robert Finley: Blind Soul Singer Pulls Out The Tricks For The Semifinals

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Robert Finley America's Got Talent 2019

He might have lost his sight, but Robert Finley saw his true destiny.

Robert Finley – Blind R&B singer, also a Vietnam vet – His dad believed the blues was “the devils music” which influenced his decision to put music behind after he returned from Vietnam. Tonight, he’ll be playing the guitar. He’s digging into some old school blues this time, singing “age don’t mean a thing.” Oh man. This is about convincing a younger woman to give him a chance. OK then. His performances are consistent week to week. But maybe he’s wearing a bit thin? Sean calls him hip and cool and belongs in a Tarantino movie. Simon calls him cool and classy. He thought the band was too much, though. Hm. I don’t know if I agree. “It’s not quite the moment I need here.” OK for a minute I thought Simon was going with it. But no. Simon’s done with Robert. Howie says “I know the Jews, but not the blues.” 

Robert Finley is finally living his dream by singing his original song on the biggest stage in the world!

The 65-year-old singer may have lost his physical sight, but he can see his true destiny.

Sixty-five year old Vietnam vet, his sight began deteriorating four years ago. He’s now legally blind. His daughter gave up her career to manage him. And actually, he has had some success, recently, although he spent most of his life raising a family. He’ll sing another original song. This song is called “Medicine Woman” and is actually reminiscent…of another song. I can’t put my finger on it at the moment. I thought his audition song was better, but it’s a total 60/70’s jam. His voice is powerful and full of feeling. Howie calls him “Authentic.” Gabrielle, “You came to go to the finals,” she said. Dwyane wants to adopt him. Simon says, that he “once left a show” coughamericanidolcough because of the 29 year old age limit. THAT’S A TOTAL LIE. He left because he wanted to launch X Factor, a show he OWNED. 

Is a 78-year-old blues singer from Louisiana the recipient of the final Golden Buzzer on this season of “America’s Got Talent”?

Fans of the TV talent competition have been wondering what’s been taking judge Julianne Hough so long to award hers, as she holds the sole Golden Buzzer yet to be presented.

This 65 year old Vietnam Vet is struggling with glaucoma, but it’s not stopping him from pursuing his dream as a singer and musician. He grew up a sharecropper on a farm in Louisiana. After coming back from the war, he got married and had kids. He gave up his musical dreams. Glaucoma has robbed his sight over the last four years. The loss prompted him to discover music again. “I had to lose my physical sight so I could see my true destiny,” he says before launching into an original song called “Get It While You Can.” His raspy, wizened voice is soulful and full of grit. Simon’s got “Susan Boyle Face” heh. Howie calls him a great inspiration and a great talent. Simon compares his voice to the finest old wine. “You don’t have that voice when your 17, 20 years old…this could go through the roof for you,” he says. His daughter joins him out on stage to help him off. Sweet – 4 yeses

While Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Terry Crews, and Gabrielle Union have all put contestants through to the next round with their Golden Buzzers, Hough surprised viewers on the June 25 show when she failed to present hers to any of the auditioning acts.

Viewer react to Robert Finley America's Got Talent 2019

Shoko Maria Maruyama He is absolutely amazing singer!
He is the best talent and performer!
I really love his song and performance!
He got 4 yeses!Congratulation!
I'm looking forward to his next performance and I love AGT!
I'm exciting and impressed when I watch it!

Charlotte Gilbert Alright Mr Robert love your voice and your song, I grew up in Winnsboro too with my aunt and uncle Henry and Jessie Lyles behind the courthouse

Jasmine Colon This guys performance is inspiring his voice is amazing his spirt his energy just everything about this performance was amazing This will be me one day when my kids are much older I tried auditioning when i was 17 has no support with me when i went to audition in NY i was alone but now i have my husband and kids who I know will support me when I'm ready to try again… for now I will sing to my kids and kids I work with at day care their faces light up when I sing and I love it

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