Riverbanks Zoo Baby Giraffe: Ginger Gave Birth, Weighed in at 93 lbs

Ginger Gave Birth to a Healthy Female Calf at Riverbanks Zoo

Riverbanks Zoo Baby Giraffe

On Monday, April 2nd, at 1:18pm, one of our giraffes, Ginger, gave birth to a healthy female calf. This newborn weighed in at 93 lbs. and stood 5’7” tall. In fact, about an hour after birth, she was standing for the first time! *For now, both Ginger and the newborn are behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more updates!* We have a BIG announcement to share!  

We have a BIG announcement to share!

Người đăng: Riverbanks Zoo and Garden vào 4 Tháng 4 2018


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 Supporters reaction:

J'Aimee Drant Mechling Oh man we were there Monday! We'll have to come back to meet this cutie!

Julie Vaughn Jackson How sweet! Did you know…Twiga means giraffe in Swahili and that a giraffe and a human have the same number of bones in their necks! FY

Kaylyn Elton My 3 year old daughter has loved Giraffes since she was a baby and loved watching this little one be born! She has been to the zoo many times but her favorite still is the giraffes! We can’t wait until we can see the baby!

Ruthie Myron She is so beautiful! She may want to be pen-pals with Tajiri at Animal Adventure Park who is just one year old, and a handsome boy. Congratulations on your cute baby girl,Riverbanks Zoo Baby Giraffe love the zoo and new calf

Brooke Butts Going to the zoo tomorrow with the grandchildren! I wonder -how long the baby will be behind the scenes?Also, she was born on same day as my firstborn-Allison! Great day for an arrival! Plus it wasn't April Fools

Sarah Francois I love the San Diego Zoo beautiful there… lived in San Diego for 14 years… proud of that zoo.. was a member all that time… lived nearby… visited a few good times…

Dannette Lowder Cole Oh my goodness she is adorable!! We recently had our soon to be 3 yr old grandson at the zoo and we had to go feed the giraffes 4 times!

Emily Hacker Matt Hacker baby giraffe! I was a little shocked to see this without warning. It’s like BAM! THE MIRACLE OF LIFE… right in your face 

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