American Idol 2019 Top 14: Riley Thompson Sings Suds in a Bucket

American Idol 2019 Top 14: Riley Thompson Sings Suds in a Bucket Tonight

Riley Thompson Suds in a Bucket

American idol Season 17 Top 14 starts tonight with 14 contestants. Who is  your favorite contestants

So How Do I Vote for Riley Thompson?


There are 3 simple steps to follow to secure your entry:

1. Download the American Idol app by visiting: 

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Register your account on the app so you are ready to cast your VOTE for Evelyn this week!

Once you have completed all 3 steps, your entry is secure! Drawing for the winner will be Monday during the show!

For text message voting

3. Riley Thompson: text "5" to 21523

Riley Thompson sings Suds in a Bucket by Sara Evans during the American Idol season 17 top 14 in front of a live audience and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie tonight

Back home, her cheer team surprised her. But little sister is her biggest fan. This song was the end of Kelly Pickler back in season 6. It’s a fun performance. But on such a crucial night? The performance is a throwaway. Advice: Wait a couple of years, then audition for The Voice. “How does it feel becoming a star?” asks Luke. He compliments her on hitting the high note. “This has been the attack of the 16 year,” says Lionel. “You are crushing it.” Katy believes she keeps growing to the next level. Katy noted the hair flip. It’s true, she know how to work the stage. She needs to keep working on those vocals. Ryan invites little sister to join Riley on stage. 

Riley is absolutely amazing and gorgeous! She is going to be a star! Katy Perry will you please start acting up. You are too mellow tonight. Love when you are crazy and funny

Her voice and this performance gave me chills !! She has the potential to be thee next American idol if she keeps performances like this up.  It's amazing how much of her fake accent falls off when she sings with him. I am not a Riley fan but I am impressed with her vocals without that fake accent. She needs to lose that and just be herself..

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