So High | Ricky Braddy The Voice Knockout Performance Tonight

Ricky Braddy: Terrified to Sing John Legend’s “So High” in Front of John – The Voice Knockouts 2019

Ricky Braddy – So High by John Legend – NOT MENTIONED: Ricky was in the Top 36 on American Idol season 8. Totally mentioned: He came out as gay in his Blind Auditions video package. He wants to win the knockout for his boyfriend. Wow. His boyfriend never saw him perform before his live audition? Really? Taylor suggests he stay still at the beginning and get physical at the beginning. This is Ricky’s best performance so far. He’s bringing the emotion up gradually. The pacing is beautiful. He hits a high note and the crowd is totally with him. He ends with some falsetto. Wow. KELLY IS CRYING.

Zach Bridges – The Dance by Garth Brooks – He impressed Blake with a cover of his song in the Blind auditions. He grew up in Pearl, Mississippi. He wants to be Blake’s country guy. Blake thinks he’s taking a big risk singing such a beloved song. Taylor works with him on stage presence. He seems awkward! She suggests that he work on connecting to the audience. Zach can’t get rid of his nerves. “Shake it off!” says Blake. Har har. He has that classic country tone. But the performance lacks punch. He also still seems really nervous. He needs to get out of his own head.

John gives a contestant the rare compliment on covering his song. It was “thrilling” when Ricky hit those high notes. He appreciates Zach’s tone, but feels Ricky gave the better performance. Gwen says her jaw was on the floor after Ricky’s performance. She believes he could sing any genre. Gwen compliments Zach’s “storytelling” voice. Kelly felt Zach didn’t stray enough from Garth Brook’s rendition. She feels Ricky could be in the finale. Blake Picks Ricky! YAY! Zach is Eliminated. Blake believes Ricky COULD WIN the show.

Myracle Holloway vs Calvin Lockett – Team Gwen – The Knockout is montaged pretty quickly here. Myracle sing “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell, while Calvin sang…who knows, because Calvin’s mentoring session and performance aren’t edited into this package at all. I wonder if he blew it. Gwen Picks Myracle. Calvin is Eliminated.

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