RESULTS TOP 10 REVEALED Who MADE IT?- Who were ELIMINATED? American Idol 2018 TOP 10

You just made it to the Top 10 – what are you doing now? Going to Disneyland, of course!

American Idol Season 16 Top 10 :

Caleb Lee Hutchinson 
Michelle Susett 
Ada Vox 
Catie Turner 
Cade Foehner 
Dennis Lorenzo 
Maddie Pope 
Michael J. Woodard 
Gabby Barrett

Viewers reactions:

Amber N Clarkston So I'm a bit lost. I thought that this was AMERICAN idol…meaning that it's contestants are VOTED on by America….NOT THE JUDGE'S!?! What's the point in the watcher's voting if the judge's are going to go over the POPULATIONS votes!?!?!

Rhoda Mandigo- Southwick Michelle needs to go back to her country, Mara is so much better, but gabby gets my votes to the end

Madison Nicole Vincent Trying to figure out why the guy who adopted his sisters son is gone and why they kept they Michelle…SHE ISNT GOOD. Glad I stopped watching after the final 24

Kimberly Alisha Can we please acknowledge the judges really disappointed America tonight!!! Can we vote off Katy Perry ?

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