Reds’ Joey Votto Sprints After Foul Ball To Stop It From Rolling To An Eagles Fan

Joey Votto has it out for Philadelphia, and shows it by doing everything he can to not let then take any souvenirs home when he’s playing the Phillies.

Votto and his Reds were playing the Phillies Monday night when a foul ball was hit down the first baseline, on it’s way into the grasp of a fan wearing an Eagles jersey.

Votto noticed, and sprinted after it to get it before he could.

Viewers reaction:

Jimmie Leaver Jr You think this was bad. Wait until half the eagles fan base commits suicide after. 9-7 no playoff season. The Super bowl hangover is real. Especially with a soft coach like Pederson

Lance Marshall How long is it going to take people to realize this is Joey having fun with the game. He usually takes a ball out to fans between the innings after messing with them a lot of times signed.

Jennifer Kline Eagles fan here and I love this. So funny 🤣 
He’s notorious for this. All you eagles haters can enjoy your offseason while we still enjoy our super bowl win.

Keithian Irby I’m sure that fan would rather have the Lombardi than the ball. Tell me again when the Reds won anything? Or any team from Cincinnati?

Josh Shayne Stamey Well eagles fans treat people like shit when their at a game and act like the eagles are the best team to ever exist after one Superbowl. Bc of how shitty eagles fans personality are I would tell them they don't deserve a ball either after spitting on Vikings fans and throwing beer at them

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