Rebecca Howell Lights Up “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Rebecca Howell The Voice 

Oh wow, Rebecca is singing Shania’s “Any Man of Mine.”  She’s got the energy, and even gives a wink as she starts.  It’s risky to sing an upbeat song against someone like Beth.  Will the country demo eat this up?  She hits all the big notes, but does sound like she is running out of breath in the lower parts.  Long held notes, Kelly is dancing.  Interesting mix of country twang and belting.  Decent performance.  But enough Shania tonight please.

Rebecca Howell performs "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

She just graduated High School and has never been on a plane, from a small town mostly singing at school and the fair.  Kelly turns immediately.  Blake thinks he’s been blocked and then he realizes there are no blocks and turns.  This is a big Reba song and she’s doing a good job with it tender in spots and powerful in spots, and doing something different notes.  John also turns.

Three chair turn.  John says he may be an unorthodox choice for you, but he thinks she sounded fantastic.  Subtle in the right spots, and belted in the right places.  Kelly tells her she was solid from the beginning, she has a Leeann Womack vibe.  She pushed her button first!  Blake says the things he loves about Georgia vocalists is the whiney, nasally sound.  John interjects that she was so precise.  Kelly would love to explore the whole genre.  Blake says I don’t need to explore the genre of country music, I know every nook and cranny of the landscape.  Who does Rebecca pick? We find out after the break!

Viewer react to Rebecca Howell The Voice 

Darlene Hallmark Good strong voice! But Kelly said that she sounded like LeeAnn Womack, but I heard REBA loud in clear! Great job!

Alexa LeJeune So many people hate on Kelly!! For what? She’s awesome! And btw she did win last year she kinda knows what she’s doing! 

Veronica Sue Hart I love Kelly but come on girl you have to stop interrupting Blake and let him talk and try and control yourself when they’re singing, it’s rude to be yelling when they’re singing.

Kim Teague Love the Voice and Kelly but I wish she would stop yelling while they sing, talking over everyone and loudly singing while the people are performing.

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