Real News With Lara Trump Today 11/29/18

Illegal immigration hurts American workers and costs our country billions and billions of dollars each year. We must solve the crisis at our border!

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Viewer reactions:

Steve Grove Donald Trump is the Liar and Swindler in Chief! Why do all the people around you lie Donnie? Donnie Trump has no credibility, no integrity, no honor and no class!

Marc Neinfeldt I'm still awaiting his plan for immigration reform then? Planning on building a wall and telling people they can't come in isn't a long term fix…what work are you actually doing Trump? None, that is what I thought

Nicholas Liberto It's all pretty simple. We have locks on the doors to our homes. We do not open them to everyone, only the people that we can be sure do not mean to ignore the rules we live by in our homes.

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