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Under my leadership, women and families are doing better than ever in an economy that's THRIVING and a nation that's more SECURE!

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with the President of the Russian Federation

President Trump has a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Russian Federation

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Finland

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Viewers reactions

David Foshie How can anyone trust anything that comes from the FBI or any of the crooked scheming bunch of liars. I'm sure they are not all bad but its infected with enough bad apples to ruin its reputation. Needs to be cleaned out and re staffed with integrity. We will see how things play out. I hope everything is exposed for what it is.

Jane Huff Thank you President Trump watched the entire news conference and not went well and you handled the questions very well I dont waste my time listening to.tje media and their distortions lies and so called experts in their interpretation of the conference

Alan Berends How much easier would it be for President Trump if the media would just shut up. He went around them because they twisted everything into fake news. They can either swallow their pride or do their best to make his life as difficult as possible. Even Democrats in office are so intent on getting back in power, they will lie and do whatever they can to discredit him. Why not give him a month without the harassment and see what we can actually do together. Peace with the Russians would be great. Our world partners have taken advantage of us for years and deserved what he said, they aren't pulling their fair share. The UN would have closed years ago without our funding. NATO, pretty much the same. Trade agreements in the past have been one-sided with us taking the short end every time. Even Canada and Mexico got sweetheart deals. Looking back on past Presidents does not create a very nice picture of them either. North Korea, Russia and any other deals would be a lot easier without harassing him constantly.

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