Donald Trump Real News with Lara Trump March 16th, 2018

The Democrats’ strategy is to resist. Mine is to FIGHT for the hard working American people. That’s why WE are WINNING!

The Democrats’ strategy is to resist. Mine is to FIGHT for the hard working American people. That’s why WE are WINNING!

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Ruby Hardy President Trump.. Please stop these Chemtrails! They're spraying over my house big time right now.. This must end!!

Mark Schwendau The most important good thing you have done for America is exposed the enemies within, the Democrats, as well as proven THE DEEP STATE IS REAL!

Fajga Loebstein Not one mention about the tens of thousands of young activists who marched to make a positive change in our country?! Even if you disagree with them, they have begun a movement. Many of them will be voting in the mid-terms and next presidential election. They deserve to be acknowledged.

Paul W Mayer Morning Mr. President* stick to the schedule today. 1. Lie to a Foreign Leader. 2. Fire any Cabinet Member smarter than you. 3. Tell the 37% of Americans that still believe you, that they should still believe you. 4. Turn your taxes over to Mueller

Val Eddington When a president is elected he is not president of just the democrats or just the republicans. He is president of all the people. His job is not to fight but to unite. We need a president who has the ability and temperament to do the job. Not one who only wants to get re-elected and enrich himself.

Irene Pantelis Winning what? Haven’t seen any change. Kids still getting shot in school. Education still poor. Rich getting even more rich, almost no one else getting more pay. Russians still free to meddle with our affairs.

Anthony Conrod President Donald Trump, or his children, will be in the White House for the next thousand years! America is way better under their rulership, the economy is soaring upwards, illegal crossings down 110%. Approval rating is set to warp speed. Hire me for TRUMP INC coal and tie factory please!

Jolene Cummings President Trump, do you Really need their support? Can't you just go on without them? They are never going to support you, and that is a "given". So do what you know to do best……and that is, Make America Great Again!! We believe that you are a Great President! Go With God! and it will be fine. Pray!! We are praying for you and those around you.

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